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Deciding to rebuild versus renovate can be a difficult decision to make but sometimes the result when you do decide to build can be breath taking. You have the ability to capture sunlight and views that were not originally taken into account at the time of the first build. 


Designing a custom home in one of the most prominent and historic areas in Calgary was actually a driving factor in the design of this home.

Taking the old world charm of brick and mirroring the skyscrapers across the river by mixing in commercial curtain walls resulted in this modern loft looking home. 

Challenging issues in design can result in some of the most beautiful designs and more importantly spaces that our clients love. This custom home has the most incredible city and mountain view from the front but the clients really wanted a sense of privacy from the very busy foot traffic that passes outside. 

3-6391 Avarello Exterior 3D SUS6727 0916.jpg